Dr Howard Adewale Majolagbe, PharmD,DCP, AAHIVM was born on international waters, aboard the Nigerian airways flight, “The Skypower” and taken care of in NY city where the plane was destined.

Raised Baptist, there was an intense hunger to seek God Almighty and to find the “Truth” of human existence and purpose. When he lost his little sister following a fire accident in the year 2000, the college bound Howard gave up on God and dabbled into a period of depression and agnosticism. God being merciful revealed Himself as the only True and Faithful God...but most importantly, revealed Himself as Jesus the Christ!

Now, the main purpose for living is to spread the good news of salvation and preserving the full Gospel of Jesus Christ without compromise. The Bible is the absolute for Bro. Howard and being an independent servant of God, he’s severed all affiliations to serve God in Spirit and in Truth.